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Vision and Mission


                                                                      Mission Statement
                                                             To grow with our customers and
                                                              enhance their product, through
                                                  efficient processing of livestock and a commitment
                                                                             to service.

                                                                      Vision Statement
                                                         Through teamwork and partnership,
                                                        to meet the challenge of the future and
                                                          achieve excellence in quality service.

The Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd is recognised as one of Australia's leading red meat food processors. Since its incorporation in 1933 the Co-operative's facilities have been constantly modernised and upgraded to ensure the organisation retains its position as an efficient industry leader at the cutting edge of technology and food safety.

The Co-operative has over 1500 livestock producer shareholders who have their livestock processed at either of the Co-operative's processing facilities at Casino and Booyong. The Co-operative's primary focus is to provide its customers with an efficient MEAT PROCESSING FACILITY utilising a highly trained workforce and specialised equipment in order to maintain its ability to service all major global markets.

The Co-operative offers an exciting and unique opportunity to prospective customers wishing to establish their business in the global marketplace without the need for extensive capital investment in red meat processing infrastructure.

The Co-operative's processing facilities are located on the eastern seaboard of Australia in the north east corner of NSW, known as the NORTHERN RIVERS. The area is acclaimed as a pristine, clean green food bowl of Australia.

This unique climatic region contains heritage-listed rainforests and highly productive agricultural land. It is in this area that the Co-operative operates a dedicated export beef processing facility and one of the largest wet blue leather tanneries in the southern hemisphere. The beef processing facility and wet blue tannery are located on the edge of the township of Casino.

The mission statement of the Co-operative is to grow with its customers and to enhance their product through efficient processing of livestock and a commitment to service. The Co-operative tailors its services to meet the needs of its customers thereby improving business opportunities for all.

For over 70 years the Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd has established itself as an industry leader in meat processing and has gained the full respect of its peers. Products processed at the Co-operates facilities are distributed throughout Australia and are exported to all markets of the world.

The Co-operatives processing plants located in Casino and Booyong, Northern New South Wales, are ideally located less than three hours drive from the port of Brisbane and the Brisbane International Airport. This provides fast and easy access to all world markets and to the most densely populated markets of Australia.

The Northern Co-operative Meat Company is committed to delivering the highest standards of service to its customers. It also works directly with its customers to ensure that every stage of the supply chain aligns with their requirements.